Carini Collection 426 Paint Sealant

Easy on, easy off Sio2 infused paint sealant

McKee's Paint Sealant 426 is designed to protect your vehicle's painted surfaces against environmental pollutants and UV rays. This easy on, easy off formula provides durable paint protection that lasts months, not weeks. Use McKee's #426 to keep your vehicle shielded against UV rays, bug splatter, acid rain, snow, salt, dirt, and road grime. McKee's 426 imparts a dazzling, deep gloss finish that complements all colors, especially blacks, reds, and blues. McKee's 426 does not leave behind white powdery residue.


Shake well. Do not use on a hot surface in direct sunlight. It is always ideal to apply a paint sealant in the shade. Apply a quarter-sized dollop of sealant onto a soft foam applicator pad. Apply sealant over the surface using a circular, overlapping hand motion. Allow the sealant 15-20 minutes to haze before buffing with a microfiber towel. Apply a 2nd coat to ensure uniform coverage and to ensure maximum protection.