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Carini Collection 302 High Gloss Tire Shine


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Long lasting tire shine that will not sling!

McKee's High Gloss Tire Shine 302 is a water-based protectant that enhances and renews the appearance of the tires on your vehicle. Formulated without petroleum or silicone-oils, McKee's 302 feeds the tire conditioning agents that help keep it flexible to prevent the surface from cracking over time. A quick spray and wipe with McKee's 302 will leave your tires with a rich, dark, glossy appearance that will not sling off. Overspray is easily removed using a soft, dry microfiber towel. You can adjust the level of shine depending on how many coats you apply.

Do not apply to a hot surface. For best results, clean wheels and tires first using McKee's Wheel & Tire Cleaner 392. For SUV and truck tires, spray tire shine directly onto tire and work into the surface using a tire shine applicator. For car tires, spray tire shine directly onto tire shine applicator to avoid overspray onto wheel. Work the tire shine over the face of the tire using the tire shine applicator. For a low-gloss, natural looking finish, gently buff the tire with a microfiber towel. For a higher-gloss finish, apply a second coat. Do not apply to motorcycle tires or the tread of the tire.