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Yvan Lacroix's Detailing Efficiency Training Classes

Learn from one of the best in the industry!

Yvan Lacroix is recognized world-wide as one of the premier trainers in the detailing industry. Yvan travels around the globe teaching his “Detailing Efficiency Training” courses. Yvan has been detailing for 40 years and has worked with numerous companies aiding in the development of tools, chemicals, pads, and various other accessories. Yvan has known Bob McKee and Nick Rutter for several years and is excited to showcase McKee’s 37 products in his classes.

In this intensive 2 day course Yvan covers a wide range of subjects, all with an eye towards increasing quality, efficiency and profitability!

The first day starts at 8 am with a short round of introductions, identifying the safety features of the shop (exits, bathrooms, eyewash station etc). Yvan is quick to get everyone moving with actual hands on learning. Yvan starts with a basic wash, how to make it profitable, efficient, and a customer favorite with different up sell options. The next step is decontamination in preparation for a paint correction; How to make that process as thorough and efficient as possible.

Once the test subjects are ready, we move on to paint correction. Here we go over a variety of different methods to correct paint in a way that’s safe for the paint, yields superb results, and increases customer satisfaction. Both the DA and Rotary are used, and for students with little or no experience with the rotary, we get them comfortable with using this tool. Wet sanding is also covered as it’s a skill every detailer needs to know.

The hands on portion of Day 1 finishes at around 5 pm. From there we go for supper, but the education doesn’t stop. During and after the meal topics of sales, marketing, growth, employees, profitability, retirement, and much more are discussed.

Day 2 starts again at 8 am with a short recap of the previous days lessons to clear up any questions before moving on. From there final preparation for coating application is done. Different coatings are discussed and shown. Next we move to interiors. We will show how and why to use both the DA and Rotary during interior cleaning, how steam, and compressed air can be both time savers and wasters if used improperly. Of course carpets, headliners, plastics, dressings, leather, Alcantara , and the dreaded windows are demystified and made easy.

Finally a series of quick tips and efficiency hacks are given, as well as a discussion on shop and mobile unit organization, work flow, and safety.

All students gain access to a private Facebook group where Yvan is available at all times to answer questions, as well as 1 one 1 telephone consulting to continue the education well beyond the 2 days of the class.

For more information about Yvan's classes, please contact 262-302-1615

For more information about Yvan's classes, please contact 262-302-1615